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5 Important Marketing Metrics You Should be Measuring

Metrics are the backbone of not only marketing, but business in general. It’s important to know what you need to be measuring other than the generic metrics everyone knows about, like click-through rate, page views and conversion rates etc… Marketing is often seen as an expense rather than an investment, simply because results from marketing…

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Viral Marketing – 6 Tips for Helping Your Content go Viral

Why Viral Marketing? Virality is a very attractive goal for any marketing campaign, simply because the public does the marketing for you. They share your content with people they think will value from it, taking a huge burden from your marketing efforts. Each new acquisition could quite possibly cost you nothing. It’s no secret that word…

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Bounce Rates – How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who visit a single page before leaving. This is known as “bouncing”. A high bounce rate can usually be a good indicator of on-page issues and user experience. Let’s talk about fixing this issue. Most analytics software, like Google Analytics, track the bounce…

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